How to Play Criminal Case: Checking the PC Game

Do you love playing detective? Check out the Criminal Case PC game and test your wits to solve a mystery. This video game focuses on homicide and murder cases, so gathering the relevant clues will help find the culprit. Of course, deciding amongst the myriad of evidence is very challenging. That’s why you need to think and discern fast to solve more cases in the game. You will then level up, earn more stars and garner lots of points on the scoreboard.




Play as the detective

Playing the Criminal Case is not at all complicated. PC controls are easy. As a rookie cop in the game, you are tasked to solve homicide/murder cases and follow a storyline. Clues are spread out in all crime scenes, and it is up to you to find and recognize them. Once you see a hint, you click on it. This match is a popular hidden object type of game in which you must be quick in seeing the relevant clues right away.

Each time you find a helpful clue, you earn a star. As you have more stars, your score will also increase. These stars are fundamental because these are a way to perform some tasks concerning the case. So the more clues you get, the more stars you collect. In the game, you will also be asked to examine evidence and again interrogate the suspects involved.

Examine and investigate the crime scene and suspects

Examining suspects may then occur in real-life hours, so you have to wait until the time is up as the detective. As you play along, more clues will accumulate and give you the entire picture of the case. You would know the suspects, why the victim was killed, and how crime as the whole was done. During the investigation, you will take care of puzzles, shuffle through garbage, or find hidden objects.
A case takes time to be solved; it just depends on how quickly you can figure out everything.

In the end, you’ll see all the suspects before you and arrest one of them. The culprit must meet all of the criteria for the final decision to be correct. The case will be solved if this is positive. To unlock the next case, make sure to finish and accomplish the solved case’s post-indictment chapter. You will then be able to receive the reports and carry on to a new issue. What’s excellent about Criminal Case is that you can revisit past cases to earn more rewards.




Downloading the Game on PC

Before playing the game, knowing how to download and install it on your PC is a must. In this way, you’ll be able to start and kick-off your mission for hunting clues. While there are many available platforms for you to play online, you are on the right page. That’s because allows you to play the game in its full access. Plus, you’ll also have the opportunity to choose your favorite games online and download it on your computer. So, look down here below and know the steps to download the game.

  1. Click on the “Play for Free” button you can see on this Homepage. You can also head on to the Download Page of this site and choose the best system that will run down for your PC.
  2. The process will begin to start on your PC. It will install the game itself, Criminal Case, and the launcher.
  3. Ensure to agree to all the terms and conditions that the installer will prompt on your screen.
  4. Several steps will appear for you to complete and finish the process of downloading.
  5. Once done, you’re ready to play and solve crimes in the game. Remember, the game will automatically start once you successfully downloaded and installed it.

Well, that’s it for today! We hope we’ve helped you discover some ways on how to download the game and play it on your PC. The next adventure lies in your hand. Good luck!