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Criminal Case: Know the Different Crime Scenes to Solve Cases

Are you up for a hidden object game with some murder mystery? Well, Criminal Case is the perfect PC game that offers all of that. The storyline, gameplay, and even the visuals are excellent that you cannot stop playing it. Quests and missions are exciting and useful to share with friends and family.

Each clue leads to another clue, and evidence is significant in solving a homicide case. As a detective, you need to find the perpetrator who caused this crime based on all the thorough investigation clues. Be sure to check the backstory that led to each of the crime scenes in the case.


Criminal Case Evidence Materials


Different crime scenes in Criminal Case

There are lots of crime scenes in Criminal Case, and these require 20 energy points when you start to analyze each set. So as a player, it would be best if you were ready for this. However, there are highly rated crime scenes that only require five energy points. Six crime scenes are present for each case.

Bonus scenes are also included in the game. These help the player earn more stars in each case. Here are the different types of bonus scenes in Criminal Case:

  • Time Attack: For a certain period, as the detective, you must search and collect for other hidden objects to boost your stars.
  • Puzzle: As an excellent detective, you will encounter a hidden object in puzzle form. So you should unscramble them and earn extra stars.
  • Differences: Given two similar scenes, you must fit specific differences between such locations. If you get all correctly, you make those stars.




Connect to Facebook for help

This game is a single-player type but has a leaderboard for every crime scene. You, as the detective, can team up from the list of teammates in the case. Choose a partner to help you out with the investigation and ask for some hint bonuses.

Another great thing about Criminal Case is that you can link it to your social media such as Facebook. You can ask for energy from your Facebook friends, or if you need help with a challenging case, you can connect and share the current game right away.

Facebook helps you and your friends work together and analyze clues and samples to solve an issue and crime. Criminal Case is such a fun and engaging hidden object game that has a fantastic storyline. Prove your detective skills by downloading Criminal Case on your PC today!