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Criminal Case: Customize and Solve Cases using Boosters on PC


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Playing detective is one of the things that kids love to portray. It is fun, exciting, and thrilling to do with friends and family. One famous PC game, which is Criminal Case, just makes that childhood activity come to life again. This hidden object game is one of a kind. You will be playing as a rookie cop or detective, a spot for clues in the crime scene, and bring evidence to the investigation laboratory.

Also, your role is to think and decide which suspect to cross-examine. Sound easy? Well, it depends on how you connect the clues and items found on each crime scene. But this game is so much fun because aside from solving a murder mystery case, you get to customize your character and even use boosters to level up fast.

Customize your character in Criminal Case

Like in most video games, Criminal Case allows you to customize your avatar. There are different faces, outfits, and hairstyles to choose from at the Avatar Shop. You may also change the gender if you want the character to be personalized. The Avatar Shop is divided into two sections.

The first one is the Classic shop, where you need coins to purchase the items. As you advance in the game and reach certain levels, more items will be unlocked. The other one is the Elite shop, where you need gold rings and coins for buying things. If you have already finished a minimum of 2 cases, the first few items are already unlocked.

When gold rings are earned, the more items become unlocked. Since you can modify four things, such as the face, hair, clothes, and accessories, you can only use one item at a time from each category. So it would be best if you chose wisely on this.


Criminal Case Shirt Item


Earn stars, rewards, and power-ups

Criminal Case also has things in store for those who successfully solve a case. You can earn stars, which that can bring clues and items to the laboratory for cross-examination. Another use of such stars is to interview possible suspects related to the Case you are solving. If indeed you got the right suspect, you earn more stars again.

Also, what makes Criminal Case interesting is that you get to use some power-ups called boosters. These help you find items or let you reach a high score during an investigation. Keep it mind that you will only avail those boosters starting at level 5.

These boosters come with a price, such as coins that you can purchase with real cash. Here are the top boosters which are useful in the crime scene investigation:

  • Five hints: You get to use five tips while you check out the crime scene
  • Instant magnifier: This only applies to the hidden object crime scenes and will help you see the preview of the hidden object
  • x6 combo starter: This booster will give you a head start with a full combo bar.

In the game, it is possible to use different boosters at the same time. Do take note that these should be used right away and not for saving at a later time. If you are willing to shell out enough money, you can buy lots of boosters but not over 99.

Are you ready to solve murder cases? Download Criminal case on your PC now and experience the world of mysteries and crime.