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Do you enjoy murder mystery games? Want to engage in challenges that let you solve the homicide cases and discover who is the real culprit? Examine the area and look for hidden clues and objects that can help you pinpoint the killer. Are you ready to solve the mystery? Investigate and uncover the secrets in the Criminal Case game.

Step into the shoes of a detective and discover the clues that will lead you to the real murderer. Follow the trail and start locating hidden objects that will reveal new insights on how the crime was committed and who was the actual perpetrator. If murder, intrigue, and mystery appeal to you, then you will love the Criminal Case PC game. Best of all, it is free to play.

In this murder mystery game, you can look forward to solving gruesome crimes and bloody murder scenes. As the detective assigned to the case, your task is to investigate the surrounding circumstances that lead to the commission of the murder. Keep your eyes open for dead bodies, severed limbs, and murder weapons. Once you have gathered all these, then you can start building a case on whoever is your suspect.

Due to the nature of this murder mystery adventure, the Criminal Case PC game is not suitable for young children. Would you like to learn more about this fantastic mystery challenge? Read on.



Wondering what to expect in the Criminal Case game?

If you enjoy solving mysteries and figuring out puzzles, then you will love this awesome game. Criminal Case is a hidden object game that is free to play. While most of the content is readily available for you to enjoy, there may be some parts that may require real money to unlock its content. Other than that, this wonderful mystery challenge will cost you nothing.

So you might be wondering what is in store for you in this great murder mystery adventure. There will be lots of blood, there will be deaths, and you can expect the murder scenes to be bloody and gruesome. Which is why the game is not suitable for young children.

But if you do not mind the gory details and graphic content, then you will enjoy the challenges set in this fantastic murder mystery game. With gameplay so simple, you will love playing the role of the case-solving detective.


What is Criminal Case about?

Have you ever wanted to become a detective? Perhaps you have seen many murder mystery films or TV shows and wondered what would it be like to solve these crimes.

Well, you can now. In this wonderful adventure, you play the role of the detective tasked to follow the trail of blood, death, and mystery. You will visit the scene of the crime and investigate the case to the best of your ability.

To do this, you will look for clues. Unfortunately, these clues are not easy to spot. So you need to work for them. Search for objects that are hidden in plain sight. Some may be difficult to find while others are just lying around, waiting for you to pick them up.

When you solve the case and complete the task in one mission, you will earn stars. You can use these stars to bring the uncovered clues and objects into the laboratory for examination. You will also need to spend stars when you want to interview suspected individuals.

Your objective is to piece together all the clues, objects, and testimonies you have obtained. Eventually, when you can connect everything, you will be able to ascertain the circumstances of the case and identify the perpetrator. Pin the right suspect to solve the case. Then you earn another set of stairs.

Stuck in a difficult case? You can ask for help from your Facebook friends. Simply connect with them and share the current game your playing.


Is Criminal Case any good?

Are you looking for a game that lets you scour hidden objects and clues that are out of sight? Then you will love this amazing adventure. This hidden-object game is well-polished. The developers have thought the content thoroughly, creating very interesting quests and missions.

Criminal Case is built around the concept of seeking and find. When you have gathered enough clues and evidence, then it becomes easy to pin the crime to the right perpetrator.

This amazing game also features riveting stories, which help explain why these murders have come to be. It gives you a highly intuitive approach, making sure you get the backstory of every crime that has happened.


Are you ready to take on the detective job?

In a corrupt city, life is grim and everyone is miserable. Driven with desperation to survive, it is highly likely for people to commit crimes; the most common of them all—murder. Will you take on the challenge of solving these cases? Examine the clues and identify the real suspect in Criminal Case.

In this fantastic hidden-object game, you get to fill in the vacant detective job. Join the police squad of Grimsborough to solve murder cases. Then try out some of the other Adventure Games we have on the website, like PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes and Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir – The Official Game!

Game Features

  • You can play with your friends
  • It lets you step into the world of detectives
  • Impressive graphics quality
  • Highly intuitive gameplay
  • Free to play

Check out these game screenshots.

Criminal Case Screenshot
Criminal Case Screenshot

Criminal Case Solve the Mystery | Free Game, Download PC